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    [thread started by 1860 Oakland on Thu 11/5 1:09 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from Mohawks
on Wed 12/30 10:51 ET
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2015 might NOT be the last year for MFLS. More info will come forward as time moves forward, but just want to let everyone know to check back and not forget about this site come February.
from Seattle SC
on Sat 1/2 20:45 ET
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Can you give us a little more than that?
from Mohawks
on Mon 1/4 14:42 ET
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Unfortunately I don't have much more than that right now. It's
in some other people's hands and I've just heard and wanted
to let everyone know to check back.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Thu 1/7 17:35 ET
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latest word is now that it will not be back. we simply lack
someone with the technical expertise/time to run it. still check
back here though as it looks like we are going to try to
maintain the divisions & tournaments on the official site as
much as we can. we will also try to establish a forum for
managers to talk MLS (and anything really) as the official
game lacks one. it is sad MFLS looks like it is ending, but the
camaraderie & fun we share will outlive the site that created it.
from Hanscom United
on Thu 1/7 20:25 ET
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Thanks for trying guys! If MFLS does not continue here--I
really hope we can keep the same structure within the official
MLS game. It's all of you & the personalities that I love the
most about MFLS!!
from 1860 Oakland
on Fri 1/22 0:35 ET
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Thanks everyone for all the kind words and notes.
Thanks to the people who took the time to consider trying to
keep it going.

It will be a weird season without it.

If you make it to a game at Avaya drop me a line.
I have season tickets on the sideline near the north west corner,
so can be seen with my family sometimes as the Quakes are
celebrating a score in that end. I'm the tall one.

20 years ago I think we were all praying that the league would
make it to year 2000. Certain pundits didn't give it a chance.
As optimistic as I was, I did not imagine that the league would be
in such good shape so quickly. Part of the success is due to the
strong owners in MLS, but a big part is due to the fans who have
helped to shape the league by constantly pushing them in the
right direction.

Wishing everyone the best in 2016.
from Castle Hill Comets
on Fri 1/22 10:52 ET
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Funny I should check in here the same day you posted!
*laugh* :-)

For what it's worth, I am re-doing my own web site --
http://prestonm.com/brewcity/index.php (that's still the
old site) -- where I kept a massive amount of MFLS
information & history, especially regards the Brew City FA
division, but in general as well. A whole year's summaries
on one page does not exactlty fit the blog paradigm. ;-) So,
I am not sure if I will be carrying that data over or not. If any
wants to rip it off, feel free. :-)

What are you doing with your spare time -- haha! -- these
days? Me, I'm retired, so I spend a fair amount of time
hiking and making videos about hikes.

Again, take care,

from Alewive FC
on Fri 1/22 10:55 ET
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p.s. Changed my team name back to Alewive FC. Think of it
as a one day trade before retiring with one's original team.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Fri 1/29 23:14 ET
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'Kicking Fat Bolivian Ass since 1996'
from Locomotive Baltimore
on Wed 2/3 10:17 ET
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Whoa, I just saw this news (late to the game as

Thanks for putting this together and keeping it
going for so long! I was trying to figure out a
gracious way of handing off my Division to someone
else, but you made it easy for me!

Great fun.

Thanks again
from Mohawks
on Wed 2/3 11:18 ET
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Keeping the community alive on the reddit above.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Fri 2/12 15:30 ET
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Just a reminder- we're attempting to preserve the community - https://www.reddit.com/r/MFLS/
We'll have a league on the MLS site and continue the bulletin board on Reddit.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Mon 2/22 15:47 ET
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If you want to join the MFLS league on the MLS game, the code is 35-315.
from rancho chevron fc
on Mon 2/29 15:33 ET
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DO we have a Head To Head game as well. Does the
same code put you in 2 leagues?
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Mon 2/29 16:04 ET
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I haven't set up one, but there's no reason we couldn't. I figured I'd leave that up to the divisions (for intradivisional tournaments and what not). I'll post something on Reddit to gauge interest

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