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    [thread started by Dynamo Salem on Tue 4/7 11:17 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
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from Dynamo Salem
on Fri 9/25 20:51 ET
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Preki is patiently waiting for his coaching debut in
the English second division.
from The Laws of Lalas
on Sun 10/4 21:54 ET
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mastroeni... the question is not if but when. and if not, the question is, what exactly are they smoking in colorado and can i get some of it?
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Sun 10/4 22:21 ET
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Pablo almost got the job by forfeit when mgmt had to hire somebody, anybody. More than anyone I think Caleb Porter has some explainin' to do
from The Laws of Lalas
on Sun 10/4 22:32 ET
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porter has more talent, that is for sure. colorado just seems to have no tactical plan. no personality. no je nais say quoi. how do you have gabriel torres on the bench and three guys i have never heard of going the full 90. he wants to play his formation and boring style of soccer instead of playing to his team's strengths. one more thing (and this one is not his fault, really). the crowds at the Dick are a joke. if you watch the highlights, you see there was basically nobody there last night. i get they are bad and the stadium is not in the best place... but it was sad.
from Dynamo Salem
on Tue 10/6 11:05 ET
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If anyone is on the hot seat right now it is Porter. Down below the red line with another anemic performance at home versus an opponent the Timbers failed to score on, failed to look dangerous despite having the majority of possession.

He is an analytical guy, very good at presenting his ideas, the big question is if Merritt Paulson has lost patience.
from Weirder Bremen
on Tue 10/6 13:28 ET
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Too many foreign imports and not enough development
player development for me. I wouldn't be sad to see
him go.
from Seattle SC
on Tue 10/6 14:33 ET
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I hope they keep him . . .
from Dynamo Salem
on Wed 10/7 15:32 ET
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We are at the stretch. What will happen? Who knows. So far only Yallop and Klopas have been replaced. Is there blood in the water?

Ratings 1 completely safe to 10, the villain pushes the button, the small cannon emerges from the car hood and fires.

Portland, Caleb Porter 8- The Timbers have been unconvincing and anemic all year long. Now that they are below the red line, even if the Timbers can claw their way into the playoffs, no one considers them a threat in the post season. AND, a series of flaccid home losses are not helpful. Porter would be at 9 if the Timberís owner/GM were crazier.

NYRB, Jesse Marsh 1- I heard Ali Curtis rewrote the page in his binder that says to fire the coach for no good reason.

Toronto, Greg Vanney 6- Geovinco is that team. When he is gone, they relapse into horribleness. When he is on the field there is little to no defense.

Philly, Jim Curtin, 8- Now that Sakiewicz is gone the crazy factor has gone away. Ruud Gullit is out there, maybe he can fill in.

Colorado, Pablo Maestroaenni 9.99- There is a rumor that the moustache is in for next year, one can only guess to finish clearing out the stadium of any fans.

Houston, Owen Coyle 5- hey Houston is playing! Zzzzzzzzz.

Jason Kreis, NYFC, 5. NYCFC is looking better.

Jeff Cassar, Salt Lake, 7- Watching Salt Lake move from a Western powerhouse to an also ran under Cassar is painful. Losing Lagerway is part of that equation, but when the players canít figure out the formation, red flags.

Diminic Kinnear, San Jose, 1- Watching Kinnear move this stinker back above the red line is amazing.

Siggi Schmid, Seattle, 9- Last weekend in Seattle Schmid as shown, I think definitively, that Seattle cannot beat the Galaxy. My guess is that his contract ends at the end of the season and it will be time to move on.

from Dynamo Salem
on Thu 10/22 15:27 ET
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Grant Wahl is reporting that Jason Kreis' job may be in danger and he may be replaced by Patrick Vieira.

My prediction, if Patrick Vieira takes over NYFC, they will miss the play offs but worse than this year.
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Thu 10/22 16:12 ET
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If true, Kreis would be unemployed for all of about
50 seconds if that's what he wants.
from Dynamo Salem
on Tue 11/3 23:01 ET
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Empire Soccer says it's true.

With everything that came at him this year, a no
show star in Lampard, Pirlo who he didn't need but
had to take, and a bunch of other stuff. Kries
didn't do a bad job.

If they get a bunch of Europeans in there, NYFC will
fall flat on its face.

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