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    [thread started by rancho chevron fc on Tue 2/2 10:23 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 2/2 10:23 ET
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i am in the infant stages of planning a trip to
Niagara Falls and a few days in Toronto.
Unfortunately the week after they play the LAG.
If any of our Canadian brethren or anyone really has
any ideas to that area they would be much
appreciated. Oh i know i can google and yelp it but
i have always enjoyed (and still trying to enjoy)
the input from y'all. Tnx!
from Mohawks
on Tue 2/2 19:31 ET
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I'm not a Canadian brethren but I've been to Toronto. What
tips are you looking for ?
from The Laws of Lalas
on Tue 2/2 20:44 ET
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i am going to probably be at the NER-SEA game in boston on the saturday of memorial day weekend. if anyone is going to be there, let's meet up for some tailgating.
from rancho chevron fc
on Mon 2/8 12:40 ET
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Mo- Where to stay in/around Toronto? Downtown? (Or
avoid dontown traffic although Toronto seems to have
good public transportation Waterfront? yorkville?
Missagua? the distillery district and Woodbine seem
like must stops and i was advised to try Spatow (sp)
in Chinatown. We will be returning from Niagara and
want to check out Toronto for a few days to complete
our vacation.
from Mohawks
on Tue 2/9 17:10 ET
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Well I guess I'm not that helpful for that. I actually stayed in Brampton, ON and then drove it. Visited the NHL museum there and got food at a Portuguese place. I'm not sure where the best place to stay would be downtown but it seems like public transportation isn't bad. Driving took awhile
from Port City Navigators
on Wed 2/10 10:26 ET
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I stayed downtown on King St. I think, just a couple of blocks from the
Rogers Centre. It was pretty centrally located. I was able to walk most
places, but took the trolley a lot, including going to BMO Field. The
subway system isn't much but I made some use of it. Took a tour of
the Steam Whistle Brewery under the CN Tower. I can't remember
names of restaurants, but the food was pretty good. I talked to locals
and asked where to eat, everyone was really friendly. Very cool City.