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    [thread started by Avengers on Mon 7/27 19:27 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from Avengers
on Mon 7/27 19:27 ET
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I may regret this, posting to some of the most knowledgable
fantasy soccer players on the planet, but drafktings.com has
started taking action on MLS games. As a pretty serious poker
player, I welcome the opportunity to relieve the rubes of their
money. If anyone wants in on this, if you hit my link I'll get a
referral bonus. Or just go to the website draftkings.com if you
don't want to do the referral.
I look forward to competing with the best of the best for real

Keiran D
from The Laws of Lalas
on Mon 7/27 19:58 ET
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i posted this in the last weekly forum but will repost here for
those interested.
i played one week and lost $2. the problem with daily MLS vs
daily NFL is that MLS games have wildly staggered starts
while NFL games all start at the same times each week. that
means that with the NFL you can set your team and then
check the inactives at 1230 and 330 and be fine. however, to
succeed on DraftKings in MLS, you would need to be
constantly checking lineups before games started and making
last second adjustments. i lack the free time and discipline to
do that, so the hardcore gamblers would likely take my money.
if they would organize leagues similar to MFLS and MLS:FSM
where you could not change your team after the kickoff of the
first game, i bet we would all be very successful on DraftKings.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Mon 7/27 20:23 ET
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RE: MLS:FSM. You can change your lineup after kickoff of the 1st MLS game. You've never pulled the ol' switcheroo?
from The Laws of Lalas
on Mon 7/27 21:06 ET
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you can't change a guy whose team has played though right?
and you can only pick from your bench. on DKs, you can
change to any guy who hasn't played. if you put in the time
and checked the lineups, DKs is a good bet. i just don't have
the time most weekends to keep checking back. also, if you
are considering it, i suggest you study the scoring. i remember
it seemed to reward guys who took a lot of shots.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Thu 7/30 10:56 ET
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To your point, you can kind of do that with the switcheroo. So you have random low ball player who isn't going to play...hopefully as late in the week as possible (Can't really use a guy who's team has a game on Wednesday, for instance). If you have 3 potential subs, you can set it up so your first sub can play his entire game. If you like his score, then great, the autosub puts him in for random spare. Now say this dude gets hurt, or gets a red card, or just sucks in general, then you turn on your subs to manual and put in one of the guys that hasn't played yet. In essence, you got to see what your first sub would do without committing to their output. Make sense?
from The Laws of Lalas
on Fri 7/31 9:37 ET
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i did not realize that is what the "switcheroo" let you do. prob
has cost me a few points. seems like a glitch in the game.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Fri 7/31 11:48 ET
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It's a glitch they've had for a couple of years. No real way around it unless you make all subs manual or auto.
from SDFC Macross
on Fri 7/31 13:39 ET
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The software may allow the switcheroo, but it isn't ethical to take advantage of it intentionally.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Fri 7/31 13:49 ET
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I see your point, but I would disagree with it based on the fact that you've been able to do the same thing in the past, and they actually advertised it as a feature on the MLS site. Honestly, I think they see it more as a feature than a glitch.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Sun 8/30 0:15 ET
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Akindele and Jess Gonzalez won it for me tonight. Gonzo did a good job holding his ground when Javi tried to fake him out on the PK. Great game for the 20 year old.