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Forums : felsenliga Thread : So Long - Final MFLS Season
    [thread started by Eldersgunt on Sun 11/22 9:42 ET]
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from Eldersgunt
on Sun 11/22 9:42 ET
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Guys - Thanks for letting me play in your
league for the last 20-whatever years! I have
no idea who you fellows are, but I appreciate
you keeping the Felsenliga division going all
of these years. It's been a lot of fun losing
to freaking Eigentor year after year :). For
the record, I'll tell you about the origin of
the name "Eldersgunt". When me and my friends
were in 9th grade, we were on the first varsity
soccer team that my high school fielded, so we
got to be great friends right from the start.
We all had PE together, and there were two guys
in our PE class that hated soccer. One was a
huge kid named Barry Elder, and the other was
his sidekick, who went by the nickname "Gunt".
Still have no clue what his actual name was.
Barry would kick the crap out of us on a
regular basis just because we were the soccer
players in the class, Gunt would usually flank
us to keep us from taking off. Anyway, by the
end of that year, since we endured his terror
he decided we were OK and actually became
friends with us too. He went so far as to
offer us up Gunt's services if we ever needed
him. So being "Elder's Gunt" became the name
we always used when we needed someone to back
us up when we were about to get our ass kicked,
either on the pitch or off. Which happened
often because we were horrible players. :)

Thanks again,
Joe Oswald