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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
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    [thread started by rancho chevron fc on Fri 3/13 1:36 ET]
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from rancho chevron fc
on Fri 3/13 1:36 ET
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Now that we got most of our wagons all circled up
let's see if we can stay out of our own way. LET the
TRANSFER Season BEGIN!! and Predictions (if you
are so inclined)

MLS Soccer Home site doing a better job so far with
injuries being reported . Definitely worth a moment.

Week 1 managed to do in Justin Mapp MTL and CJ
Sapong Philly. Seems both will be out for a while.

These guys are out as well:
Aurelien Collin Orlando City SC Red card
Matt Besler Sporting KC Red card
Tony Tchani Columbus Crew D/A/C

As mentioned before EVERYONE - Have fun

Rob Gilmore Vertigo,

GLiders, Mort Butcher ,and Frances Rose

BOND (IN) and R. Friend's Friend (IN)
y'all are invited into Mug O'Suds tourney@ Main
Forum. D/L Friday midnight. just consider signing up
for some of the tournament action @ the Main
Forum link in lieu of a divisional tourney

OPEN CUP, Afraid I was knocked out first round so
good Luck to BOND and cYber. Go get'em

TOP 25 recap - Gliders just missed in Fantasy
points. BRAVO to Hugo @ Goatmen and Barry
@Speed Force (wink , wink) for hitting the top 2 mark
in pred. pts.
from rancho chevron fc
on Fri 3/20 0:42 ET
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What WK 3 already? Fri D/L CLMB, RSL,SEA, and
Toronto have byes. Predictions??

And these plyrs will be off as well:
Gonsalves NER RED
Riley Colo D/A/C
Burling Colo RED
Bernardez SJE RED
Espindola DCU D/A/C + a few more gms

Be forewarned Nat'l Team call-ups next wk

Tournament acton: Good Luck to Bond and cYber
in Open Cup. As well as Frances Olicity in Mug play.

Top 25 recap: cYber was 13th on 25 fantasy pts
Oshawa Kick 2nd/17 pred pts, cYber 9th/15ppts &
Goatmen 9th/15ppts , Belles Beauties 17tn/14ppts

Good Showing all around for the Trojan League!

Goatmen is # 1 in predictions overall . Go Hugo!
Belles Beauties is 10th on 41 ppts.

Gliders is 16th overall w 54 fantasy points. YES!!

from rancho chevron fc
on Sat 3/28 11:14 ET
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Wk4 Sat D/L is upon us. Every team plays albeit without full
squads. Natl plyrs are gone and many teams seem to have
some roster issues. Mlssoccer.com has a good list on their
site. Check injury report as well.

Cameron Porter MTL and Brian Perk LAG were
additions to the list. Out for the season. Sadly

Espindola DCU DAC
Morrow TOR RED
Camara MTL RED
Pfeffer PHI RED + 1gm
D Rodriguez VANC DAC + 1 gm

Dont forget predictions if you want to catch the GOATMEN.
#1 Overall or Speed Force 20th

Tourney Recap... Bond and cYber still going strong in open
cup. Olicity knocked out of Mug but now its Morts turn and
FORFriend. Good luck gentlemen.

Top 25.... cYber was 23rd in fantasy pts on 22 pts.
from rancho chevron fc
on Thu 4/2 23:59 ET
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WK 5 has a Friday D/L. Are you ready?? Predictions in??
CLMB MONT and both NY clubz have byes but the nat'l
teamers should be back.

These players will still be out.

and the injury bug caught up with a few players …namely
ZUSI SKC 2 wks

and the waiver wire caught up with…
COOPER SEA may end up somewhere?

Trojan League Recap... wk 4 belonged to cYber warriors
He was tops in pred this week 39pts. Bond 16/29ppts.
It moved cYber into 7th overall on 79 pred pts and
Goatmen into 13th w 73 ppts.

Powerful Bill was 8th w 32 fantasy pts and FORFriend was
23rd w 27 pts. cYber moved into the top25 overall 24/89pts

In tournament action a valiant effort by Bond saw him
ousted from Open cup and Mug play. However cYber moved
into quarterfinal action in the 0pen cup. Flying Bulbuls and
FoRFriend will be representing the Trojan League in group
play in the Mug O Suds. Good luck fellas.

from rancho chevron fc
on Wed 4/8 10:13 ET
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Quick WED D/L Is your squad ready? Vanc and
Columbus play twice. Chicgo & Toronto are off.

Be forewarnedl that USA plays Mexico next
Wed. if you have some nats on your team.

Seems the injury bug got Pedro Ribiero ORL who will
now be out 8-12 weeks. But welcomes back CJ
Sapong albeit with a face mask.

Espindola DCU DAC
Pineda SEA RED
Higuain CLMB RED
Fred philly DAC

Trojan League Recap Social Justice hit the Top25 in
pred. 22nd w/ 20 ppts. That effort moved him into
the Top25 overall, now 18th w/ 108 ppts. cYber
warriors stand tall at 6th w/ 113ppts. Also cYber is
23rd overall with 118 fantasy points.

In tournament action FORFriend was successful in his
first match in Mug play and good luck to Flying
Bulbuls as well. HOWEVER the BIG news seeing
cYber warriors win his match and push them into the
finals of the Open Cup . Go get 'em cYber !!!
from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 4/14 16:09 ET
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WK7 - Thurs D/L Chicago and Mont are OFF.
NYCFC and Philly play twice. Predictions???

GO USA!!! vs Mexico on Wed in San Antonio,TX
(not sure how that will/ or if it's gonna affect those

Speaking of San Antonio - CYBER WARRIORS (you
deserve all capital letters) WINS OPEN CUP!!
it had to be an exciting weekend for you with Kamara
getting two goals and then Kitchen grabbing two
Good Luck later in the season with Cup Winners Cup.
Bravo ( round of applause )

++ALERT ++ Ike Opara torn ligaments possibly
season ending ... Use your transfers now and bank
some fee $$ in your slush fund

Also out this week-
Espindola DCU DAC Duh
P. Morales VANC RED
Creavelle TOR RED

~~~Speed Force~~~ gr8 week 5th on 26 pts.
and Social Justice was 8th on 20 pred pts.

cYber warriors , Social Justice and the Goatmen
remain in the Top 25 overall in predictions..

Let's Go USA!! USA!!!
from rancho chevron fc
on Thu 4/23 11:13 ET
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Wk 8- dos a cero y tres a cero equals cinco a cero just in
time for cinco de mayo. And thats enough reason for me to
keep the celebration going. Mont and SJE have byes.

BTW- Espindola is back this week as his suspension is over.
But these players are out..,

Saucedo RSL RED

and Tony Taylor NYCFC out for season .
Chris Shuler RSL 4-6 weeks

Four teams hit the Top 25 last week and deserve
recognition. cYber 6 th on 44 pts (and on fire) . Friend of R
Friend was 7th / 43pts. Rob Gilmore and Gliders FC both
finished strong with 36 pts good for spot #20 on the board.

Bellingham Brewers found his way to the top 25 on the
prediction side 11 th/ 31 ppts.

Excellent and proof that there is hope for the rest of us.

And now back to the celebration. USA!!! USA!!!!!
from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 4/28 17:07 ET
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Week 9-- RNY, COL, HOU, and SJE play 2 this
Orlando and Montreal have byes this week as
Montreal is aiming for CONCACAF championship .Be
sure to have your predictions and lineups set by Wed
at 6:30 EST.

**Be Forewarned ** that week9 ends (in MFLS)
Tues and Week 10 starts the next WED. (Except for
those of you playing in the Mlssoccer.com game)

Jacobsen NYCFC RED
J, Taylor HOU RED( this one might get
reviewed and possibly changed)
Sarvas Colo DAC (also out 4-6 weeks inj
and Darius Barnes NER (Injd out 6 months)

Bright Dike Toro loaned to San Antonio
Danny Garcia Dall loaned to Arizona FC

Unfortunately not much to report on Top 25 recap.
Although cYber warriors continues his strong season.
Good luck to our Friend of Rob Friend in his Mug
tourney group. WSOP on the horizon. Cheers, j
from rancho chevron fc
on Wed 5/6 10:48 ET
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Wk 10 *WED d/L** Dont forget predictions.
LAG & RSL play twice. As well as our Canadian brethren
but for the Canada Championship

but these guys wont play..

Kwame Watson-Siriboe New York City FC Red card
David Accam Chicago Fire Red card

and note Kevin Molino ORLANDO Out with season
ending injury.

Top25 recap found Belles Beauties 2nd in pred. last wk
on 30 ppts. The Goatmen and cYber were 20th
w/23ppts. cYber warriors also is seeing the ball very well
on the fantasy side of things. Habib's 22nd place finish
with 35 points vaulted him to the top of the table overall
. Could prove to be a very interesting finish to the
balance of the season. GO GALAXY!!
from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 5/12 18:37 ET
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Wk 11 *Wed D/L* DC United and Orlando play twice
and the Canadian teams continue their nat'l
U-20 players have to prepare for Under-20 World
Cup tournament in New Zealand so they will miss a
few weeks. USA players include....

FC Dallas Kellyn Acosta
Toronto FC Marky Delgado
New York Red Bulls Matt Miazga
San Jose Quakes Tommy Thompson
Real Salt Lake's Jordan Allen
LA Galaxy's Bradford Jamieson
Sporting K C's Erik Palmer-Brown
with the possibility of Philadelphia Union midfielder
Zach Pfeffer to be the final player included if Arsenal's
Gedion Zelalem does not receive eligibiity by the
roster deadline on May 15.
Honduras .....
Orlando City Bryan Róchez
Vanc. Whitecaps Deybi Flores
FC Dallas Jesse Gonzalez

and these players will be out as well ..
Philly Marquez RED
LAG Gargan Ycc
ORL Okugo Ycc

and OUT: Sal Zizzo RBNY 2-3 months and
Innocent Emergha SJE 4-6 months have been
added to the injured player pool

Tourney recap saw our last chances in the MUG O
'SUDS extinguished as FoRFriend and Flying Bulbuls
were eliminated. Thanks for your representing.
Top 25 recap: cYber 7/49 pts Rob Gilmore 8/47 pts
for the week and cYber was 6/34 pred pts. cYber
now stands top of the overall table in fantasy points
and is in second place overall in Prediction points .
GO USA U-20's, GO GALAXY and GO cYber warriors!
from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 5/26 18:34 ET
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wk 12 Oops, missed posting .

Habib your invitation is waiting for you. Please have your
cYber warriors check in @the "Masters" Tournament at
the Main MFLS Forum. As always give'em a good run
and thanks for representing.
from cYber warriors
on Wed 5/27 0:02 ET
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thanks will check in
from rancho chevron fc
on Wed 5/27 17:49 ET
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Wk13 Shuffle up & Deal in what could potentially be
a big point rich week and combined with next weeks
big week a manager has the opportunity to turn
around what has been a flimsy season so far . Of
course i am referring to my team mostly and
channeling my inner
Animal House frat boy ready to talk to Dean Wormer
about improving in the second semester.

WSOP- Don't forget predictions!!

u-20 & u-23 nats are going to be busy this week,
Good Luck lads.

Also Out-
C. Tierney NER RED
L Nguyen NER RED

injuries - Jozy Altidore 4-5 weeks
Kenny Cooper- knee surgery

Abuot time to welcome back - Diego Valeri , Will
Johnson, Jaoa Plata and Chance Myers

from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 6/2 12:38 ET
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WK 14 *WED D/L* Are you ready ? Huge point week
on tap. Don't forget predictions. 6 teams play twice in
week 14 but be forewarned that 10 teams are idle in
week 15 so plan accordingly. July right around the
corner and that means be on the lookout for
Gerrard, Lampard, E. Torres coming to a team near

Out- U-20s & U23s and USA Nats vs Neth 6/5 &
6/10 mlssoccer.com has a running list that can be

Parkhurst Clmb RED
Donadel Mont RED
Perrinelle RBNY Ycc
Loyd Dall RED

Top 25 last week-Bond FC 7th w/53pts
Bellingham Brewers 12th/49

The media has been portraying the recent rainfall in
Texas as catastrophic and not to make light of it but
i would like to wish those of you well if effected.
Be safe my friends.

from rancho chevron fc
on Fri 6/12 12:55 ET
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Week 15 SAT D/L Thank goodness for the easy Mls week.
My DVR is on fire with all the futbol going on. Good stuff in
Toulon. New Zealand. and Canada. Now throw in Copa
America and very soon Gold Cup( July). My only advice is
take a quick peek @ your fantasy squad and dont forget
your predictions. Not too many points available this week
but perhaps enough to make a difference in your poll

JeVaughn Watson Dallas RED
M. Donadel Mont RED


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