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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
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    [thread started by rancho chevron fc on Fri 3/13 1:36 ET]
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from rancho chevron fc
on Wed 6/17 11:56 ET
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Whew wk 16 has a Friday D/L. CLMB & CHI have byes.
Dont forget predictions. Plenty of action throughout the
week as US OPEN CUP continues. May factor in as injuries
may incur. Tue action saw Oba Martins and Lloyd Sam get
injured ..... but not sure too what extent. Very proud of
USWNT. Dont think we've seen the best of what they can
do. Less proud of u-20s pks. It was a shame as i felt Arriola
and Vickers were awesome throughout the games. And it
must be said what a stud Zack Steffen was in goal. Then
you have Rhinos pks oink oink and doink. They had a shot
to stay in the tourney. Knock Philly out and blew it.

Red cards this week belong to SJE players Koval & Sherrod

Injured- J. Jones NER 6-8 wks

Welcome back Chance Meyers

Top dog last wk? ~~~ speed force~~≈

from rancho chevron fc
on Wed 6/24 10:49 ET
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Quick WED D/L is upon us. its a BIG week and potential
for BIG points, and BIG pred. points as well. BIG game
for USWNT vs China looming also. And just around the
corner (July 7) begins Gold Cup action. 12 teams play
twice this week.. GO Galaxy!!

Not playing will be ...
Clint Dempsey suspended this week for tearing up
referee's notebook during USOC match last week. &
Oba Martins out injured in that game as well .
Sacha Kljestan RBNY RED
Matt Polster Chicago YCC
Davy Arnaud DCU YCC
K. Beckerman RSL YCC
G. Koffie Vanc YCC
K. Waston Vanc YCC

Top 25 recap found Flying Bulbuls flying in on the
fantasy side. The Bellingham Brewers made the top 25
in predictions.. Good job and Good Luck.
from rancho chevron fc
on Fri 7/3 3:05 ET
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Okay boys and girls lets line up and pick your teams. Wk 18
has a Friday deadline. SKC & PHILLY have byes this week.
USMNT & USWNT players will be a little busy.
Don't pick these guys either..
Bernier Mont RED
J. Allen RSL RED
Farrell NER RED
Gorden LAG Ycc
Nyassi SJE Ycc

Duvall NyRB injured @ Open Cup

Top 25 recap - Gliders 6 th / 59 pts
from rancho chevron fc
on Sat 7/11 13:33 ET
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Okay Lets go. Week 19 LAG & DCU have byes. But wait, I can't wait to see Gerrard in his new LAG colors Saturday vs Club America. July transfer window is open , hope you use some of your transfers you've been pocketing for the final half of the season.

But these players are out this week,

KakŠ Orlando City Red card
Mansally RSL Yellow card accumulation
Romero Montreal Yellow card accumulation
Erik Ayuk Philly Red card
Stewart SJE DAC

and as we say "Good-Bye" and "Thank You" to Stefan Ishizaki we welcome back Mike Magee and Patrick Nyarko

Top 25 recap- Vertigo 8th/44pts
2Lleget 2Quit 15/ 37 pts
Gliders 19/ 35 pts

Pred Bond FC 14/ 25 ppts.

Trojan League ROCKS!!
from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 7/14 14:45 ET
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Wed D/L for Wk 20. Chicago n Columbus play 2 , a home n
home affair. LAG n RSL play an open cup match on Tuesday.
SJE play Tuesday vs Club America. ORL play Wed vs West
Gold Cup play continues but some mlsers won't .Honduras is
done and later we see if Canada will continue. Altidore
appears to have returned to Toronto.

Adailton. CHI. Ycc
Gonsalves. NER. Red
Boden. ORL. Red
Jaime. RSL. Red
Espindola. DCU. RED
Burling. Colo. YCC

Note - it seems GK Bill Hamid will be out 4-6 weeks with
Top 25 recap- Waldo ,Waldo, Waldo top 25 predictions.
from rancho chevron fc
on Sat 8/1 10:37 ET
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..Week 22 is upon us. The all star showcase is over and
teams prepare for their playoff run. Many have new shiny
toys to run out. Hope you have a few transters remaining so
you can indulge yourself as well. —ext week has a Wed d/
line so prep up.

Ballouchy NYCFC YCC
Warner TOR YCC
Pappa ??? Seattle DUI

TOP.25 a solid effort by Brooklyn 1955 14th/38 pts


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