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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
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Forums : Trojan League Thread : Happy trails
    [thread started by cYber warriors on Mon 10/19 11:38 ET]
    [moderated by rancho chevron fc]
from cYber warriors
on Mon 10/19 11:38 ET
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I canít believe the season is already over. I
want to thank all for allowing me to participate
this season it has been a blast. A big shout out
to our division manager the irrepressible J Schlag
for the inspirational encouragement throughout the
season. Everyone be safe during the off-season.
Hope to be invited back next year.
from rancho chevron fc
on Tue 10/27 16:47 ET
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Thanks, cyber ! You really put together a great season .

Special thank you to those that joined the Trojan league this season . Everybody's invited back next year . I think the password will remain the same as it's been for quite some time now