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    [thread started by Carnival FC on Tue 3/31 13:51 ET]
    [moderated by 1860 Oakland, SDFC Macross]
from Carnival FC
on Tue 3/31 13:51 ET
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Chandler is so frustrating. Watch the replay of the goal for
Switzerland. What was Chandler doing? He kept the
Switzerland scorer onside...
from Stormin Union
on Wed 4/1 0:27 ET
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Jozy was even more frustrating, if a player says f##k you to a
ref what does he think will happen? Use your brain Jozy.
from Seattle SC
on Wed 4/1 0:28 ET
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from Castle Hill Comets
on Wed 4/1 10:19 ET
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The ref wasn't Willie Collum, from Scotland, by any chance? If so,
it is excusable, as every supporter in Scotland says the same
thing every week ...
from Dynamo Salem
on Wed 4/1 11:00 ET
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Maybe I'm crazy but if I yellow card a player and he lays a few f-bombs on me, I have no problem pulling another one for ungentlemanly conduct. that being said I see a lot of abuse hurled at refs without the immediate response.
from FC Byrd Turgler
on Mon 4/6 1:44 ET
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Can we come after Blatter with the pitchforks yet?