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Week 1 Deadline: Tue Nov 30, 0:00 ET
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    [thread started by Dynamo Salem on Thu 10/29 13:31 ET]
    [moderated by Hounds FC]
from Dynamo Salem
on Thu 10/29 13:31 ET
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If I had left the first roster in and not subbed or traded anyone:


Wow about 200 more points not too shabby.

Getting rid of Dan Gargan, Hollingshead, Maidana, and Zardez was a good thing.

from Seattle SC
on Thu 10/29 14:13 ET
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9 of the 19 players that were on my week 1 roster finished on my final roster.

5 of the 11 starters in week 1 started in the final week (really 6 of 11 starters I kept but I didn't start Giovinco week 1) ...

I had Penedo as my GK week 1, Opara who got injured after some great (fantasy points) games and Ishizaki who left into the season so don't need to add it up to know the 850 I finished with is much much more than my week 1 roster would have got.