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Forums : All American Premier League Thread : AAPL Matchday 15
    [thread started by Hounds FC on Wed 8/19 8:31 ET]
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from Hounds FC
on Tue 9/1 3:54 ET
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Colonial League - Recap
FC Bayern Tampa loses and still takes the Colonial League title.

Hampton Strikers had a chance, but a loss on the final week means they finish in second. However, they are going up to the top division so it was a great season overall for them.

Tennessee FC claim the last promotion spot after getting blown out the last two weeks of the season. They almost blew it, luckily for them
Retrodog FC lost a heartbreaker or things would have been different.

Newport finished one point off the pace and will be strong favorites for promotion next year. They just have to believe their time is coming.

from Seattle SC
on Tue 9/1 15:55 ET
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One of the more exciting seasons in league play. Thanks for running it, Tim. and for the weekly recaps which make it more interesting to follow.
from Hounds FC
on Wed 9/2 8:14 ET
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I try to do what I can. Sometimes time is an issue, but I know what we do in the AAPL really sets us apart from all the other divisions.
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Tue 9/8 20:48 ET
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Yeah. Thanks Tim. I look forward to renewing our rivalry in the Capital League next year. I am bringing in Thomas Muller and Manuel Neuer to solidify my roster.

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