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Forums : All American Premier League Thread : AAPL Matchday 4
    [thread started by Hounds FC on Mon 4/6 23:15 ET]
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from Hounds FC
on Tue 4/14 21:35 ET
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The two unluckiest sides this week are definitely FC Orlando 98 and Retro Dog FC. They scored the most points in the league this week and neither of them won. If they played anyone else it would have been three points for both of them. However, they played each other and settled for the 25-25 draw.
from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Tue 4/14 21:50 ET
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The Dallas and Portland games made sure that not a lot of teams scored big this week. League high was 32, so 25 is pretty darn good. and yes Bad Luck with the matchup.

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