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Forums : All American Premier League Thread : Welcome Back to the AAPL
    [thread started by Hounds FC on Sun 2/15 1:42 ET]
    [moderated by Hounds FC]
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from F.C. Bayern Tampa
on Thu 3/5 21:21 ET
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True Tim. FC Bayern have big dreams this year.

Are you back in the US? That would save you some postage sending the Trophy back where it belongs, in Tampa!
from Hanscom United
on Thu 3/5 21:30 ET
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The "Hanscom" memo was sent out--not sure how you missed
it Bob!

I have to say MLS Fantasy talk around the office is picking up
this year. NFL Fantasy Football is so popular that I think a lot of
sports fans may start getting into MLS as Soccer Fantasy grows
& is more well known. Most folks I run into don't know about
from Hounds FC
on Fri 3/6 1:07 ET
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Still overseas. Writing match reports for a team over here at the moment. I hope to go back to the states in the next two years though. However, you never know what will happen.

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