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    [thread started by Shaolin Mystigods on Wed 2/18 22:41 ET]
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from Shaolin Mystigods
on Wed 2/18 22:41 ET
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I still cannot believe there is such a thing.

Anyway, Sports Illustrated reports the decision to
move the 2022 WC to Nov-Dec is all but approved. A
FIFA task force will reportedly convene in Doha next
week to recommend the winter schedule and the
Executive Committee is expected to approve the
proposal in Zurich next month.

Sepp Blatter could teach Vladimir Putin a thing or
two about corruption. Speaking of, I predict the
2018 World Cup will not be held. I shoulda went to
from Stormin Union
on Thu 2/19 0:30 ET
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I feel the same way, can't believe it either. Should have been
Australia or England for 2018 and the US for 2022, instead we
get this crap. After going to Germany in 2006 I felt that I would
want to go to every World Cup after that, but I'll pass on the
next two that's for sure.
from Arrows SC
on Thu 2/19 8:10 ET
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There is soooooo much money in the World Cup. It's not out of the realm of possibility that 2018 will be cancelled, but I highly doubt it. The only thing comparable was the 1980/1984 Olympic games. The Olympics are big bucks as well, but at that time it wasn't the cash cow that it is today. I was in Moscow in 1984, and the city was all dolled up for the games that few attended.

But there is a lot of money in politics as well, and political forces may drive many countries away.
from Carnival FC
on Thu 2/19 15:33 ET
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There's no way World Cup gets cancelled. As with corruption,
no country (or very few) is corruption-less...
from Shaolin Mystigods
on Fri 2/20 0:22 ET
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Yeah okay its exceedingly unlikely that 2018 will be
cancelled, but its time the world grows a pair. It
wasn't so long ago that Malaysian Flight 370 was
blown out of the sky. Where's the outrage? Putin
doesn't even bother to deny complicity. A younger
me would have demanded that sports not be mixed up
in such affairs, based on some notion of purity or
fellowship or inspiration or I don't know what. I
now see that as complete BS. If world events
continue to trend as they are, I hope I have the
will to substantially ignore WC18 as much as
So I say, but I didn't let the widespread corruption
associated with Brazil 2014 impair my enjoyment of
watching nearly every match.
from Weirder Bremen
on Sat 2/21 22:47 ET
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Please sign me up for the Qatar World Cup.